Our Philosophy

Elite Preschool is dedicated to providing children a safe environment for learning through playful interaction with their environment.

"With a background in education, I knew the rigors of elementary school and worried about school preparedness. I was ecstatic to find Elite Preschool where Teniah Hilton, owner and many of the teachers are certified educators."

-Amy Alexander, M.Ed.
 Teacher K-6, Cabarrus County Schools

Founded in 2005, Elite Preschool is honored to have been entrusted with the learning and development of so many children. Our number one goal is for Elite children to be ahead of their class when they start Kindergarten. We prepare our students for the new Common Core for NC Schools.

Integrated Learning

We use weekly themes to teach the children the main subject areas in a meaningful context, such as community helpers, weather, insects and fire safety. These themes guide our songs, books we read, crafts we make and learning activities we teach. Each morning, we incorporate these themes and activities during our Circle Time.

We meet each child where he or she is:

Their unique stage of development

Each child's developing potential will be challenged, exercised and supported depending on their stage of development.

Relevant curriculum

The curriculum will be relevant to your child's needs and will prepare them for future school years.

Fun, engaging activities

Children are encouraged to participate in numerous activities that promote gross and fine motor coordination.


Children learn math, language arts, social studies, science, music, physical education and health. Each day the children receive 30 minutes of preschool gymnastics.

Class Sizes

Our class sizes are kept small, so your child receives the attention he or she needs while interacting with a close group of friends. We also pride ourselves on our teacher-student ratio to ensure each child has a chance to succeed.

Class Max. Students Teacher-Student Ratio
2 Year Olds 10 Kids 1:5
3 Year Olds 12 Kids 1:6
4 & 5 Year Olds 14 Kids 1:7


We match our gymnastics activities to the theme of the week for 30 minutes each day. This program develops your child's body awareness and provides activities to promote gross motor skills, ball handling skills, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination and all around physical fitness. In addition, we have a program called Yoga Bear that is incorporated during our gymnastics time and promotes body awareness, relaxation and strength.


It is important for children at this age to interact with each other. Children have 30 minutes each day to play with their friends in our fenced in playground.

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